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You Vs SARS Menace.

How do you feel living in an unsafe country? How do you feel having your eyes behind your head while walking because you don’t know if you are next to SARS brutality? Let me guess, very bad and scary, right? The steaming questions would be—what are you supposed to do? How do you evade these … Continue reading You Vs SARS Menace.

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To the times I choose to keep quiet because my words seem unrelatable, to the words that got stuck in my heart because some words are better left unsaid, to the times I tried to voice out but words aren’t enough, to the words that met my ink and moved in sync, to the bloody ink that flow in my veins and urge me to write, to the liquid that roll down my cheeks any time I hold my pen, to the words in my diary, to the ink that will never run dry, to more dark words that compliment my dark skin, to more pure words that suit my pure heart, to the words that carry the weight of my scars, to more and more words, we will never give up on each other…

Welcome to the premol_a blog, where words are the meal I eat, and ink is the liquid I drink.
I’m your favorite talker and writer, Adedamola. The black girl next door, your mental health and fashion enthusiast.